Sassy Round Sunglasses

When I say Elton John, John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne, what do they all have in common...? Yes, not that they're all musicians... they all wear round sunglasses and this season they are one of the biggest trends. 

If you're able to pull off the metal/ no rimmed ones then LUCKY YOU, however if you can't then welcome to the club. I am gutted that my face does not suit the John Lennon metal round sunglasses; they make my eyes look too small, therefore I've had to resort to some with a wider frame which come with its own benefit. 
Having to wear round glasses with a frame, enables me to purchase the glasses in a wide range of colours. So far I have two pairs, both from Primark, I didn't want to go all out with a branded pair in case I ended up disliking them. The first is a pair I like to refer to as my 'Lady Gaga' glasses. They are all black with some gold detailing, they are full of character. They are quite big and make quite a statement. 

My second pair are much more subtle, they are also from Primark. I purchased them for £1 (what a bargain!) and they have a clear plastic frame with clear matte arms. They are my favourite out of the two, as they are adaptable to any outfit and aren't so harsh to wear. Also, they do not remind me of bug eyes.

The best high street retailer for round sunglasses that I've come across so far is Topshop. They have the widest variety that I've seen, generally labelled at £16 and come in various colours and patterns. Topshop do a great range of hexagon shaped round sunglasses and some cute clubman ones too!

Henry Holland's collection of round sunglasses at the 'House of Holland' are amazing! They are the sunglasses I aspire to have. These glasses are have a fun rim with text included on them. Cost around £150, however they look like they're worth the money as they appear to look pretty sturdy!

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