Barry M Nail Varnish

The best thing about Barry M nail varnish is the wide variety of colours and nail varnish types that can be found on offer in stores. Whether you be looking for a regular nail varnish or one that leaves an effect, Barry M has it!

The regular nail varnishes are great if you're not expecting the colour to last long, as I find on me, they tend to chip extremely easily and quickly which is the most frustrating thing when you've spent ages painting them! Despite this, if you can handle the chipping, these are perfect for you as you can get hold of pretty much any colour. My favourite are the pastels, especially the yellow and blue; they're so summery!
Regular Barry M Nail Varnishes
Barry M has so many nail effect polishes available; 'Crackle', 'Magnetic', 'Gelly' 'Confetti'- just to name a few. These products also come in a wide variety of colours and they're priced at around £3.99 per bottle.
Crackle Effect, Glitter Nail Effect, Magnetic Nail Effect
I swear by the 'Gelly Nail Effect' that Barry M sells. This range appears just like a regular nail varnish (there are no effects), the only difference is that the final application once dried is shinier and feels a little thicker? You may think 'thicker, surely that's not good, it'll take forever to dry and just peel off', however this is not the case. When I wear this product the nail varnish stays for at least 4-5 days with no chipping! Whereas regular nail varnish only lasts 2 days maximum for me. The colour range available for this product isn't as great as regular colours, however of the colours they do have, I can't complain!
Gelly Nail Effect

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