The Perfect Mascara

I first started to wear mascara when I was in year 11? Maybe even later than that, so that would've made me around 16 years old and this is pretty much the only makeup I ever wear, apart from my red lipstick. I don't bother with foundation, blusher, bronzer or eye shadow because to be honest, I'm too lazy... therefore over the years I have tested out many brands and different mascara products. 

The first mascara I used was Benefits 'Bad Gal' mascara and I really loved this product. When applying it, it isn't clumpy and spreads your eyelashes evenly, which is all well and good. But by the end of the day it seams to wear away and you have very minimal remaining on your eyes. 
This mascara is an expensive one costing £17.50, despite this it was a long lasting product for me. 

When my 'Bad Gal' mascara ran out, I decided to try out Rimmel's 'max volume flash mascara'. I wasn't a fan of this product as it made my eyelashes too long for my liking. To me, my eyelashes looked like spider legs, I wasn't a fan of the brush either. I also found the mascara too wet, causing it to end up all around my eyes, plus it never seemed to dry up on my eyelashes or in the packet (which I guess isn't a bad thing!).
This mascara was really cheap compared to the Benefits one as it retails at £6.

As I wasn't very impressed with Rimmel's mascara, I thought I'd try Natural Collections waterproof mascara. To be honest I can't remember much about this product, but I think I remember it living up to its 'waterproof' label. This mascara is extremely affordable as it is priced at £1.99 in Boots.

The mascara I'm currently using is another Benefit product called 'They're real!'. This mascara costs £19.50, however it is worth the money. The mascara last all day and makes your eyelashes look great! The brush is plastic and the hairs are separated evenly to space out your eyelashes so they maximise in length. The only problem with this mascara is that it's quite difficult to get off your lashes, you have to give your eyes quite a scrub. The product lasts be forever, so to me the price tag is justified. 

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