Luscious Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is the staple lip colour to have lingering somewhere in your makeup bag. Whether it be a rich, orange or bright red, what outfit doesn't look good with a dash of red across your lips?

Recently we have seen the orangey red lip creep into fashion. I first saw this colour on Louise from the television show 'Made in Chelsea' and fell in love straight away. This was around November 2012 and this trend hadn't quite hit the drug store brands yet. I looked everywhere for the perfect red and ended up purchasing the wrong tones several times until I went to Mac. I happened to come across a store in Atlanta Airport and seeing as I had a few dollars left over I couldn't resist and I splashed out on the most perfect colour!

The lipstick is called 'Mattene Lipstick Fashion Nomau' and comes in a sleek thin matte packaging. I'm not sure if this is available to buy in the UK, I have looked online but I've had little success in finding it... maybe I'm not looking properly but they seem to only have it in a gloss. 
This lipstick gives a matte finish and is extremely long lasting! These were the two key features I was looking for whilst in search for this product as I am not a fan of a gloss finish. When wearing gloss there's more of a risk of a lipstick on teeth and smudging situation. I rarely have to reapply the lipstick, maybe once, depending on how much eating and drinking I do. At first the lipstick seems to feel quite dry but I'm now use to this and if needed I apply a lip balm. 

I brought this product for around $16 (if i remember correctly) which translates to £10, and I think is worth the money, especially as people always compliment on how white my teeth look when I'm wearing it! I wear this product quite regularly and I still have half of the lipstick remaining!

I'm sure there are other brands out there selling a similar product but this Mac one is the best I have found found so far.

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