Beautiful Backpacks

If you're like me and you hate/ prefer to wear a handbag only when necessary, then you too may find a best friend in a backpack. Not only are they one of the most practical products on this planet, they are also available in fun colours, patterns and styles at within various price ranges depending upon your budget. 

My first rucksack was from Urban Outfitters which I brought in New York around 3 years ago and I used it pretty much every day until May of this year, but it is now delicate and I don't want to risk losing it so I've had to purchase a new one. This rucksack has brown 'leather' trimmings and is so practical and it fits pretty much anything inside of it, I like to refer to it as my 'Mary Poppin's bag'.

My second backpack is from ASOS. Again, the bag is black however this one is more fun and interesting as it has tassels and an embroidered Aztec pattern upon it. Just like my first bag it fastens with a draw string and poppers, has an inner pocket which my keys always magically disappear into,  and is extremely comfortable to wear, however there is not a front pocket which is really disappointing... however I still love this bag it has been through festival to festival, country to country, day to day and is still holding on! 

My budget for a rucksack is £30. This may seem like a lot but i'm willing to spend this amount much on a product that I know I'll use every day and will last me a long time. I know brands such as Primark and Newlook also sell rucksacks for a much cheaper alternative, but again, my theory is why not spend a little more and save yourself from repeatedly purchasing the same product when it wears out. I've never actually tested out a Primark or Newlook rucksack- they could be really durable, but you know the saying 'you get what you pay for'.

I purchased my Urban Outfitters bag for around $60 if I remember correctly, and my ASOS one for £30 in the sale. I think they're both worth every penny!

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