Homemade tie-dying

Last summer one of the hottest trends was tie-dying. It was everywhere; shorts, jeans, t-shirts and shoes, every direction I looked (especially whilst at festivals) someone would be rocking some crazy coloured and patterned clothing.
Back in June 2012 I and one of my flatmates took it upon ourselves to tie-dye our own clothes. We started with 4 sachets of dye (red, blue, yellow & pink), salt, a plain white t-shirt, some string, several bowls, newspaper, a homemade apron along with a rubber glove and the process begun...
Neither of us were professionals at this but we ended up with pretty good outcomes. The first t-shirt we dyed was meant to be a mock up so we could prepare ourselves for the real thing; however this t-shirt ended up being one of the best ones!
Once we had tied string and twisted various parts of the top we started with dipping the whole t-shirt in blue dye and gradually adding more colours, mixing blue and yellow dye turned the top green and adding red to the blue created the purple colouring.
After we were satisfied with the colours chosen we rinsed the top in cold water several times to ensure the garment had no excess dye remaining in it. We then cut the string and revealed the final pattern which we were very pleased with.
We didn't really have any past tie-dying experience or how to create various patterns, however I have found a blog from Urban Outfitters that lets you know how to go all out to jazz up your clothes with complex patterns and ideas using tie-dying:

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