Fashion Flashback

So today me, my mum and sister decided it was time to organise my mum's wardrobe and whilst doing so we stumbled across some of our clothes we wore as a child from the 90s. I actually remember wearing one of the outfits we found and also have many pictures of my rocking the little denim numbers we found in the cupboard. 

The first outfit I found was an OshKoshB'Gosh combo I remember wearing for my 6th birthday to the London Eye. Its a gingham crop top and crop trousers- so sassy! To be honest I actually wouldn't mind if I had this in my wardrobe now, I would totally wear it this summer!
I then stumbled across some cuuute denim dungarees and jacket which I will definitely be dressing my child in- so precious! 
 Finally, I found a few pairs of Levis jeans, I particularly remember wearing these ones. They have pink circle mirror things on the leg hem. These I remember wearing all the time, however I thought they were from Gap... I also remember wearing these with a pink velvet long sleeved top which I hated and still do, that material makes my skin crawl and my younger sister had a matching outfit- I bet we looked super cool!

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