Getting Creative With Nail Polish

The other day whilst killing time, I found myself wondering around the cosmetic store 'Boots'. During my route around I came across the Barry M nail selection and saw that they have released nail art pen. These pens are available in black, white and pink costing £4.99 which I think is quite pricey, but I have been looking for one for a while now and this is the first one I have come across in the UK. I previously tried the Sally Hansen one in New York, however they're only available in America, so I thought I'd give this one a go. 

After scouring through nail art pictures for ideas (I was looking for something simple as I didn't want to be too adventurous as I knew I'd get annoyed if it kept going wrong and I had to start over again), my chosen design was inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrain's 'Composition' work which was famously incorporated onto a dress. I have seen a few people on Instagram interpret this design and it always looks really good, a simple pattern yet so effective. 

Instead of using the white, blue, yellow and red colours Mondrain used in his work, I chose to go for more autumnal colours- red, purple, pink, yellow and orange, all from Barry M topped with a coat of clear nail varnish.  
I started with the red/ burgundy colour and placed one stroke in different directions on each nail.
From here I would continue to add various colours, again, laying the nail varnish in different directions and making sure the same colour was not put in the same place as another nail.
Once I had finished adding each colour I went over the edge of each colour with the black nail art pen which creates a clean finish and covers any areas that you do not want to be seen are. 
I finally added a layer of clear nail varnish, this will prevent the black lines from rubbing off. 
Overall I really like this product, it is easy to use and gives great results. I'm excited to try out various other designs :)

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