New Lippy

So, since my post a few months ago on my red lipstick, I have a new love for lipstick. I don't cake it on or wear it every day but a light brush along my lips is a new liking of mine. 

I was recently on the search for a nice coral colour that would be perfect for summer as I feel my red is more suited to autumn/ winter. After repeatedly going into drug stores and rummaging through the various brands, I have found the perfect colour in Topshop, which wasn't what I was expecting especially as I previously brought a lipstick from them and I wasn't that impressed.
During my search for the coral lipstick I purchased three in hope that one of them would turn out being the one. 
The first lipstick I got my hands on was actually the Topshop one which ended out being my favourite. At first I wasn't impressed but I gave it a few more chances and I've ended up liking this product the most of them all. At first I found it too 'silky' as it would slip over my lips, however I have worked out that by applying a small amount it gives my lips a matt finish. 
The colour is perfect, initially I think I was looking for a more pinkier tone but I'm satisfied with this colour for summer! The lipstick is called 'Charmed'.
The second lipstick I purchased is actually more of a gloss which I dislike straight away. Yes my lips feel really soft and the colour is quite nice, but it would need constant reapplication and I can't be bothered with that. To be honest it's more of an alternative to the Mac red lipstick I have previously posted about. This product is by Revlon and is called 'Tutti Frutti' and costed around £7 from boots. I should have looked into some reviews before buying it because I didn't realise it would be so glossy. I find glossy lip products too girly and I don't like the stickiness on my lips.
The final lipstick I invested in is from Mac, it's not really coral at all but when the lady applied to my lips in the store it looked rather nice. The product is called 'Costa Chic' and I'm not sure of the price as I managed to get it for free as I traded in 6 plastic makeup containers from Mac. This lipstick, again, I would only apply a light layer as I look like a doll with it caked on. It's nice for summer even if its not Coral.

*Note: my room lighting has affected how the lipstick colours appear in the pictures- the images of the lipsticks in their containers are much darker and less pink than in real life*

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