Ring A Ling Ding

If there is one accessory that you will always find me wearing it's my rings. They're an easy way to brighten up your hands and if you find the right set they look great stacked up together. Depending on your budget you can find some great finger candy if you look in the right places, in various shapes, colours and sizes. 

The most staple collection of rings that I wear on an every day basis are my rings I brought last year in the Key West, Flordia. I was passing a silver ring shop which was full of lovely rings. After forcing my parents to come in and after about 20 minutes trying on different rings I finally came up with a final set of 5 rings. They are real silver so they won't discolour and turn my fingers green, and hopefully they'll last me a long time. In total these rings costs me around $90 which I didn't mind paying, especially as I wear them every day and they're real silver. 
Note: black stone, purple stone, blue stone and elephant rings are from Florida. Grey stone and silver band from ebay.
The second set of rings I own are from Turkey. These rings have a gold band with a different coloured stone in the centre of each. They aren't real gold so yes, my fingers do turn a different colour after a while, but nevertheless I love them! I can't remember the price I paid for these rings. 
My last set of rings that I own are from Primark. I've only worn these once or twice because I'm worried they'll lose their colour (you can see from the picture that this has already started to happen). These probably only cost me between £2.00- 3.00 and they're really nice. They aren't plastic, so I know they wont break, and I also like them because they set includes both gold and silver rings. 
As well as having a few ring sets, I also have a couple of midi knuckle rings which I love. These are from Primark and were only £1.50 which is such a bargain considering all others that I have found are a minimum of £10. I'm sorry, even if it's real silver, I'm not paying that for ONE single band that might slip off my finger, just no! 
In this set from Primark I got 8 rings in silver, gold , bronze and black and even though the silver and gold have now lost their colour since I took this picture, I still wear them, eventually I'll go and buy some more, its not like the cost breaks the bank!

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