Oasis Zebra Love

As a sales assistant at Oasis, I have found myself becoming more experimental with new trends and fashions that I would not usually engage in, as deliveries of new fashion come into stores weekly I am being a little more adventurous... 
Normally I avoid any kind animal print, however whilst working at Oasis I have noticed that animal print is a love of the company. Throughout summer a range of leopard print designs were released and now Oasis has released some zebra/tiger animal printed garments. 

Every month we pick new uniforms and this month I decided to go for something a bit garish and completely different to what I would usually wear... I chose a zebra print mini skirt!

When I first saw the skirt on the shop floor I was a bit 'hmm' about it, but not long after it began to grow on me and now I love it. The skirt has a cute shape and style. Its short but perfect for winter when teamed with some thick tights and a jumper which is exactly what I've chosen to do. 
I have picked out both a black and blue jumper to alternate with and they look great with it. To top off the look I chose (again an unusual choice for me) a multi chain pink diamond necklace.

sorry about the quality of this picture :(
This is definitely one of the benefits of working in a women's fashion store; experimenting with styles and building up your wardrobe with new trends you never would have thought to before. 

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