Dressing Jenny the Mannequin

Yesterday, whilst at work at Oasis, I was asked to pick an outfit to dress a mannequin in, and I jumped with excitement. I love styling and visual merchandising so I sprung at the chance of having a go. I was given a section of the shop to select garments from and I wasn't allowed to choose anything that was already on another bodice or mannequin, so initially this was going to be a challenge because most of the garments that worked well together were already on display. 

The first garment I chose was this pink and black butterfly printed shirt and my immediate reaction was to layer. At first I chose a blue jumper but then realised it was already on another mannequin. All the other jumpers weren't right for the shirt but I was determined to find something to layer. I then spotted a denim top which I thought would be a great contrast against the pale pink, and with some rolling up of the sleeve and tucking in, the combo would be perfect.

For the bottoms I wanted to go with double denim and opt for denim jeans, but the mannequins that would be place either side of Jenny would both be wearing trousers, so instead I went for a fitted denim skirt
To accessorise the outfit I stuck with the butterfly theme and chose a gold butterfly necklace, but necklace or no necklce the outfit looks great. 

What do you think of my first attempt at visual merchandising? I'm pretty pleased with it! 

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