Turtle Neck Essentials

Keeping warm this winter is all I think about when choosing my outfit for the day, and it was brought to my attention that I needed a turtle neck top. However, I have never worn them because 1) they look weird on me and 2) I feel like I've been swallowed and can't breathe! 

But things all changed when I took a trip to primark and found an almost turtle neck, which is 100 times more suited to me, and was very cost effective. The top has a high neckline rather than it actually wrapping around my neck which i find way more comfortable and was priced between £7-12 (I can't remember the specific price). Because of its attractive price, I am considering going back for a second colour. I brought it in plain black, but there were several colours to choose from. The long sleeves make it perfect for winter, although it is cropped. but this is no problem for me as I always wear high-waisted trousers. 
Teamed with some tartan leggings or denim skirt, this top looks great for a casual day or teamed with a dazzling necklace, perfect for a night out.

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