How I Style Mom Jeans

Faux Leather Sleeve Top: Oasis
Necklace: Oasis

Stripe Top: Topshop
Jumper: Oasis

Pastel Jumper: H&M

Starting with some Topshop Mom Jeans, above are 3 alternative style ideas of how I like to dress them.

The first look is a simple black jumper with a stripe t-shirt underneath. I love this look because it is easy and comfortable, and because the black jumper is thin it allows you to see the stripe top beneath which I love.

The second look is a loose knitted pastel green jumper from H&M, again this outfit is really casual but the colour adds a fresh and bright element to the ensemble.

The final outfit follows the monochrome trend. The faux leather sleeve top is great to wear if you're going someone that needs a little more dressing up, and the jewelled necklace also adds some colour as well as glamour.

What's you're favourite look and how do you like to style mom jeans?

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