Getting into Fitness

A few weeks ago I went for what was meant to be a 'casual jog around the block' whilst staying with my boyfriend, but it ended up being 10 x harder than anticipated! I pushed myself way too hard for my first run and straight away I realised I was in desperate need to get fit as I had to stop for a breather within the first minute of running. 

Therefore on the 9th Feb 2014 I took up jogging around my neighbourhood and its no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes it is a challenge, but with gradual progress and going that little bit further each day I will get fit!
I've found a great app and website that allows you to track your progress and calculate your route, allowing you to look back and analyse each journey. The website/app is called 'Map My Jog' (they also have an alternative for those who prefer to walk 'Map My Walk'). 

My jogging attire looks like so... 

A sports bra, a comfy t-shirt, jogging bottoms/legging and some running trainers. 

The best place I've found to buy affordable sportswear is Primark. It may not be sports branded but it does the job and this is where I purchased the sports bra for £4 and the joggers/ leggings for £6- you can't go wrong!

Primark has definitely upped their game as they do an extremely wide variety of affordable, fashionable and practical sports clothing which is a great alternative to the expensive brands, especially if you are a student like myself.

My running trainers are 'Nike Down Shifter 5' which I purchased in Sports Direct for £27.00 and they are super comfortable, breathable and light, I recommend!

What are your running essentials? :)

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