West Wycombe Adventures

For a while now I've known about the High Wycombe Caves and I have been itching to visit! But it wasn't until last week that I went to explore the caves in West Wycombe with my boyfriend.

I was slightly disappointed with the caves as part of it was closed, but to be honest I think I was more scarred than disappointed. It was dark and we were the only ones trekking through so I was clinging onto my boyfriends arm with every piece of force I had. 

After the caves we went on a hike (I've uploaded some pictures onto my instagram page 'allhungupblog') and it was so beautiful. We got to the top and we were up there for ages snapping photographs and staring into the distance. We were really lucky with the weather. It was sunny but not too hot, so we weren't struggling to walk up the hills with sweat dripping off us. 

I wore my trusty old Converse (which are in desperate need of a clean!) along with my American Apparel Riding Pants, which were ideal as they weren't restricting in any way!

I had a great time, I love how we got to do something different compared to our normal routine of staying in and watching films. 

How was your weekend? If you know of any interesting places in High Wycombe please comment below!

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