Trip to Cambridge

On bank holiday Monday myself, dad and sister took a trip to Cambridge. We went to visit my nan but whilst we were there we also had a mooch around the town centre. It was so lovely, luckily we were blessed with sunshine, whilst in London the weather was miserable. I love the old town style architecture, cobbled streets and how the cyclists have the way of the roads. My dad was born and raised in Cambridge so he was showing us around, pointing at where his dad's curry shop used to be...

My dad left me and my sister on our own to shop as he took his bike on a ride around town. He has a Brompton bike so it was easy to fold up and bring along with us. Monday was the first time I got to ride the bike and it was so smooth and easy to maneuver. 

For lunch we hit Wagamamas and it was so delicious. I had my first Ramen. I'd seen a few people on Youtube rave on about it so I wanted to give it a try. I had their chicken Ramen with vegetables and noodles-   it was so yummy. 

I wore my favourite shift dress from Topshop. It's so comfortable and easy to wear, long with my black Dr Marten Chelsea boots, and Barbour Jacket. 

Hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend 

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