Hawaiian 21st Birthday Party

I am officially an adult! 
Friday the 13th was my 21st birthday- woo! I had a nice/ relaxing day filled with work and chilling out at home, preparing for the big party the following day...
Initially I wanted just a small garden party with my family but my parents scrapped that idea as soon as I suggested it and they planned a large garden party filled with majority of my family and friends. 

On Saturday morning we woke up early and began preparations. The weather wasn't on our side for the whole morning which made it really difficult to decorate the garden, however buy 2 o'clock the sun was out and shining bright... we brought lots of bunting and really cheesy decorations to spread the Hawaiian/ tropical vibe. With the garden filled with bunting, paper decorations and a blow up palm tree we were ready for everyone to arrive at 4.
As everyone started to arrive so did the steel pan band which was great fun and definitely kept the party vibe going! They played great music which got everyone up, dancing and having fun.

As the theme was Hawaiian every one dressed to fit the bill. Hawaiian shirts, floral hair pins, and leis were around everyone's necks. I intended to wear a blue dress from +ASOS  which was covered in palm trees, but at the last minute I changed my mind and stuck to my Hawaiian +Oasis Fashion  shorts, a white top from +Urban Outfitters  and my black +Birkenstock USA, LP . My favourite part of my outfit were my sunglasses which my boyfriend got me for my birthday. They're from Asos and they're just so cool! They have a white/ clear round frame and blue reflective mirror lenses which I can't wait to wear all summer- They deffo have summer written all over them!

My dad cooked all the food, which included mixtures of different meats and fruits. However the piece de resistance was the cake. It was an M&S caterpillar cake (which are my fave btw!) but to my surprise it had tripled in size- as you can see from the picture below I was in complete shock!
The other main attraction of the day was my cousin's new dog! She's called Rosie, is 9 weeks old and is the sweetest little schnauzer I've ever seen- everyone was lusting over her!
After an afternoon of dancing I was absolutely knackered! I had such a great time and everyone else did too! I'm so happy we didn't have a small family gathering because it was so much fun :)

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