Oasis Internship Week 2

This week has been a calm one. The start of the week was manic, we had to ensure everything was ready for the Glasgow store opening by shipping and delivering marketing items last minute and making sure everything was in the right place at the right time. But now it's the end everyone is nice and calm, getting ready for the next event.

My manager went to Glasgow to prepare the store and make sure everything was runnign smoothly. There was also a fashion show so she had to be there to set up the event, therefore I've been here with the PR girls working on mini projects which have been interesting as I get to experience working within a different area.

Last week we all recieved an email letting us know that we would finish on Fridays at 3pm for the summer, and when I entered the office on Friday morning we were all welcomed with a treat. Each of us had a crunchie chocolate bar to enjoy which made the day even better!
We then had a sample sale later that day where I managed to pick up a few bits. By the time I got there there wasn't that much left but I managed to pick up 3 dresses and a top which are garments that I had been eyeing up last season and will be great for the colder weather!

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