1436 Internship

For the past week and half I had been working as an intern for a Chinese cashmere clothing company called 1436. They are a really high profiled woven men and womens wear company in China and at the end of this week they are showing a special collection at the Edinburgh Fashion Festival so they needed an extra pair of hands to help out and prepare for the big event. 

The garments are so unbelievably soft and luxurious. I have never seen cashmere made in so many various styles and shapes as when I think of cashmere a jumper pops into my head straight away, however there are spectacular skirts, the most wonderful dresses and most complex jumper designs. 

Being an intern meant I had to take part in a mixture of roles which involved dressing and preparing models for the fittings (where they used the most beautiful Louboutin shoes), assisting with sending invitations, steaming, and printing final images for the event. Because I was so busy during the day, given task after task, the days flew past! One minute it was 9am and the next it was 6pm and time to go home but you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!

The office was located in Sloan Square in Chelsea, so I was constantly running up and down the Kings Road which I loved. The area is full of designer stores and brands, situated in a lovely area full of tourists and shopaholics haha! I absolutely love this part of London, the little side roads hold the most amazing buildings, which no doubt cost a handful or two, but they just look so smart and beautiful. 

I really enjoyed this internship especially as I got to experience what it's like to work for a smaller company. I am also grateful as I was able to gain experience in a different area of fashion and use different skills which will help me to one day be a buyer. 

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