Arizona Birkenstocks

This Summer I don't know whats come over me as I've started to wear sandals! Yes, me!... Showing my feet. I have never worn sandals because I hate people looking at my feet. There aren't any problems with them, I just don't like the staring.
Over the last few weeks I've purchased a few pairs of sandals, some of which I've blogged about, others on my Instagram. However the pair I reach for every morning are my Birkenstocks- they're so simple, comfy and casual, I just love 'em!
I've got the Arizona style in black. When I was younger I owned the same in white but I never wore them because I didn't like showing off my feet, however my black ones have only been off my feet whilst in bed haha.

They look great with everything, from shorts to dresses and from mom jeans to leggings- they're the perfect summer shoe.
There are numerous alternatives available online from cheaper high street stores such as New Look, Topshop and Zara, and they look just as comfortable and stylish.

What do you think of Birkenstocks? And what are your staple shoes for this summer?

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