Festival Fever

This year, unfortunately I'm not going to any festivals (boohoo!), however with all the bloggers, vloggers and Instagram accounts that I follow I practically feel like I've been to every one this summer. 
I absolutely love festival fashion as its so fun, easy and experimental, and to be honest no-one is judging you, so you can be as out there as you like- everyone's out to have fun and enjoy the festival vibe and experience. 

In the past I've been to a few various festivals in the UK and I loved every one of them. I love camping and I'm not fussy about the whole hygiene issue as everyone around you is in the same boat. It's just so much fun being around your friends- all you need to do is chill out and have fun!

One of my favourite memories from a festival I went to is when I was at Reading Festival 2011. We arrived with our tent, began to pitch it but we were soon to realise that my friend had forgotten to check the tent before hand and as we were to find out,  there was no outer section... hilarious I know! We were in so much shock we laughed our heads off and went on with our day in search for a tent, and we ended up with 3!

I decided to create a few outfit ideas that would be perfect for festivals this summer:
Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

In the future there are four festivals I would absolutely love to go to:
1. Lollapalooza, Chicago USA 
2. T in the Park, Scotland UK
3. Coachella, California USA 
4. Glastonbury, UK

Each festival seems to have amazing line ups every year and I would love to experience at least one of them or if I'm lucky enough, every one. I would love to go to an overseas festival to experience the different environment and enjoy the new experience, hopefully one day I will be able to.

What do you think of festival fashion and have you been to any festivals? If not, if you had the chance to go where would be your top 3?

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