Keeping Up With The Kimonos

One of the biggest trends this season is the Kimono. They're so practical and effortless which easily makes them a staple piece for your wardrobe.

This summer I have been a sucker for a good kimono, as they are so light an easy to wear they make a great substitute for a jacket when its nice and warm. 

The first kimono I purchased is from H&M, it was £15.00 and it has been an essential garment for day and even for work. Because of its simple black colour and shape it's really easy to team with any outfit especially for me as black is such a staple colour in my wardrobe. 

The second kimono is from Topshop and I grabbed this little bargain in the sale for £25! It's so lovely and boho chic, it adds a festival vibe to your outfit immediately. There are small multi-coloured flowers embroidered onto the kimono which are perfect for summer and to brighten up your outfit. The kimono also has long tassels hanging from the waist which add a fun element to the garment. 


The final kimono is also from Topshop however this one was a lot more expensive. It cost £58, however it is so elegant and luxurious. The subtle floral embroidery and wide sleeves gives this garments a chic yet bohemian look. 

Have kimonos made their way into your wardrobe this season, if so where have you brought your favourite one from?

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