Walton on-the-Naze Beach Break

Last week I went on a quick trip to Walton on-the-Naze with my boyfriend Kash, his housemate Dan and Dan's girlfriend Sarah (I hope thats clear!). Initially me and my boyfriend were looking to go abroad however we were on a precise budget and we couldn't find anything, so when this little trip idea came up it was perfect.

We stayed in a permanent caravan home and drove there on the Sunday night so we could make the most out of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As soon as we arrived we were in amazement of the caravan site. The variety of different shapes, sizes and numbers of homes took us by surprise, and we couldn't stop 'ah-ing' the whole time we were there.
On Monday we took at trip to Clacton-on-Sea where we literally spent all day on the pier, riding the rides, playing on the penny machines, bowling, eating chips and walking along the beach. We were so lucky with sunny weather, it was so warm which made the trip more enjoyable, plus Sarah won herself and I a dolphin toy!

Kash hit the 200 ticket jackpot!

In the evening myself and Sarah challenged the boys to a game of football however, because of our lack of skills and ability to have control of the ball for longer than 20 seconds, it didn't last very long. So we mixed things up a little by putting up a tennis net and we played football tennis which was much more enjoyable and easier for us to play.

Day two was a chilled out day on the beach. Me and Sarah started off with some sunbathing whilst Dan and Kash played about in the sea, and then we headed to the supermarket to fetch some food for a beach bbq. Despite taking forever to get started, the bbq was really successful, and it was lovely to watch the tide go out and evening fade away.
How cute are these little houses we passed on the way to the beach??
On wednesday Sarah took us around to the Naze Tower which was a brief walk along the beach. We climbed up to find a gorgeous view of the area looking onto the sea. Inside of the tower were various pieces of artwork and fossils for us to take a gander at which were really interesting.
After, we walked back along the beach to find a fish and chip shop, and so we did and it was sososososo delicious! I had cod and chips and I can easily say they were the best i've ever had! The fish was so crispy and soft, and the chips were big and fluffy- I was in heaven!
(This is my favourite picture of the holiday)
In the evening we walked down to the pier where they also had an amusement area, where my Kash and Dan were determined to win a despicable me minion on those claw machines, however, £5 later they had no luck :(

I really enjoyed my time away, I'm so please me and my boyfriend managed to get away somewhere even if it was still in the UK. It shows you don't have to spend a lot or travel far to have fun, especially as there are so many nice places right on my doorstep in the UK.

Where are you favourite places to to for a quick get away? And if you live in the UK where are your favourite spots for a 'local' summer break?

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