Closet Confidential!

Today I was 'um-ing' and 'ah-ing' about what my next blog post should be. Sometimes I get bloggers block and when I need some inspiration I often look over to some of my favourite Youtubers and fellow bloggers for some ideas.
One of my favourite beauty bloggers is Essie Button, and I found myself watching one of her videos 'Closet Confidential'. This is when I thought it would be a fun idea to do this myself on my blog.

Originally the tag was made by Youtuber Fleur De Force (who I also love), and after watching video after video of this tag I decided to jump on the band wagon and have a go at it myself...

What is the oldest item you have in your wardrobe/ closet?
My Disney jumper is the oldest item I have in my wardrobe. My dad brought this for me when he went to Paris when I was younger, it has stayed in my wardrobe ever since. 
An item that isn't a piece of children's clothing is this red heart bag from Topshop. I brought this agesss ago and it use to be my my favourite handbag bag.
What is the newest?
I recently brought this Lace Kimono Dress form Warehouse and I love it! I initially brought it to wear to my cousins wedding in September but the Kimono is just so nice I can't resist wearing it!
What is the most expensive?
Because I'm not exactly sure of the value I brought both of these items for I'm going to put them both in this question. My Grafea bag and Barbour Jacket are the two most expensive items in my wardrobe and they were deffo worth the extra pennies as they are excellent quality and perfect for the rain in Manchester!

Whats the cheapest/ most affordable item? (that you wear/ use a lot!)
This is a basic white t-shirt I picked up in Uniqlo for £8 or £9. Its an essential in every wardrobe and goes with just about everything!
What was the biggest bargain?
My biggest bargain in my wardrobe has to be my pastel blue Primark Coat. I grabbed it for £23 if I remember correctly and I am sososo happy with it! I can't wait to wear it this Autumn/ Winter!
What was the biggest waste of money?
There are two items that fall under this question. I have two items which equally are the biggest waste of money, 1. My American Apparel Mom Jeans and 2. My Topshop gold flower dress. I have only worn both less than a handful of times and they were pretty overpriced. 

Show us three favourite items right now!
This summer my 3 favourite items right now are my Oasis navy and white polka dot shorts, my white floral blouse from Topshop, and my black Birkenstocks. They're all so easy to wear and extremely comfortable!

Show something you love but others hate!
Unfortunately my Doc Marten Sandals have to be the answer to this question :( I think they're so cool but my family and boyfriend definitely disagree!

I hope you liked this style of blog post and found it interesting looking into my wardrobe. If you have done this tag too link your blog post in the comments and I'd love to check it out! 

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