DIY: Cupboard Customising

Over the past few days I have undertaken a DIY project. I have transformed an old box that I was given when younger and I have revamped and updated it. Originally the box was personalised with my name on it and where I'd had the box for so long the paint had slightly discoloured from the light.
Therefore I thought it would be fun to experiment with it and give it a new lease of life...

You will need:

Drill or glue
Paint Brush

1. The first step is to prepare yourself and the working area. Grab some old newspaper and cover your surface to prevent your area from getting messy.

2. Remove any decorations that are already apart of the box. I had to remove the wooden hearts and door knobs so I am working on a flat surface. To do this I used a chisel and hammer.

3. Start sanding difficult and rough areas. You should also sand the surfaces if they are glossy or varnished to make sure the new paint sticks and doesn't slip off.

4. Give the box its first coat of paint and allow to dry, and repeat this step. If your box has draws like mine, make sure not to paint the insides as you may have problems when opening the draws once the paint has dried. 

5. Using the PVC tape, mark your design onto the box. It's best to make sure you aren't using a tape that allows the paint to bleed through so test it on a small area first.

6. Paint between the tape you have just placed to create a contrasting colour design on the surface.

7. When dry, remove the tape (this was my favourite part- so satisfying!!)

8. Varnish your new creation to give it a lovely finish.

9. If your box has draws, you will need to drill a hole in the middle for the handles, alternatively you can a strong glue to do this or add any other decorations.

10. Insert your door knobs and screw into place or wait for the glue to dry.

And finished... All you have to do now is find a place for it to sit and fill it up!!

I hope you liked this easy DIY, hopefully it has inspired you to start decorating some of your old furniture! If you do give it a go, comment a link to you pictures or tag me on Instagram @allhungupblog!

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