My Year At Oasis

For the past academic year I have been working at a women's wear fashion store to gain retail experience which will hopefully help me to progress in my career to become a fashion buyer. 
During this year I have been working at Oasis in Westfields, London and I have loved working with such an energetic and fun team of people. I was not expecting to have as much fun as I have had, and experience so much throughout my year in the store. 

When I first started working at Oasis I was so shy and nervous when it came to interacting with customers and meeting new people, however this year has allowed me to open up and become more sociable. Back in July 2013 I remember my first day at work with three girls, Jess, Kike and Leigh who are the nicest people you'll ever meet. Each with a different personality and sense of style, they made me laugh every day and feel so comfortable and welcome. 

It was about 3 month into working at Oasis that we were told there was to be a store refit. The shop was closed for 3 weeks and in that time I was transferred to the Wimbledon stores to work my shifts during this time. I will never forget the manual work we had to endure throughout this refit, as a team we were so relieved by the end as we were all absolutely knackered of filing and pulling stock, putting fixtures together, moving stock and cleaning. However in the end the store looked amazing and the opening was a success! 
The refit of the store was one of the best things for me to experience, not only being able to see how everything is put together behind the scenes, from building to visual merchandising, but it also allowed me to really get to know the whole Oasis White City team. Because I usually worked 6-10pm 3 days a week it didn't allow me to meet everyone that worked in the store, so whilst the refit was talking place it finally allowed me to put faces to the people I hadn't yet met. 
During the refit one of my favourite memories was when myself, Liam, Taylor and Jhan went on our lunch break together for a quick Chinese. We went to a restaurant just outside of the shopping centre and for the whole meal I could not contain my laughter. These three people together are just a barrel of laughs. 

Whilst working at Oasis I also got to assist with the visual merchandising in the store. I was able to style mannequins and busts which is one of my favourite things to do, and my managers always told me little tricks of how to make sure they outfits and positions of the models are at their best.

During my time at Oasis I was also given the opportunity to work in their head office in East London. I worked as an intern in the Marketing department where I assisted with event organisation and preparations as well as working with the PR team. I am so grateful for my manager's help in getting this position as it made the whole year even more valuable.

I'm going to miss absolutely everyone at White City Oasis, even those who are no longer at the store and have moved onto bigger and better projects.
I've planned to take the whole of August off so I can have some time to chill out before going back to university in September. I'll have more time to write blog posts, hang out with friends, maybe find an internship, go away for a little break, and focus on learning to drive. I know I only work 12 hours a week, and sometimes more as I regularly picked up overtime, however working as a sales assistant isn't easy when you have to help the store meet multiple targets... it gets stressful! 

As a sales assistant I have learnt how much hard work goes into running a retail store. From the outside, looking from a customers perspective, you don't realise. You're constantly running around assisting customers, pulling stock, keeping the shop floor tidy, dealing with complaints and refunds, pushing sales to meet weekly targets, following managers instructions etc...
Some customers have no idea how much we appreciate the simple things. For example, when customers return their clothes back on hangers in the fitting room, say thank you or have a nice day when being served at the tills, pick up whatever they knock over, keep control over their children, don't come into the store to shop 2 minutes before closing... and as I am soon not to be a sales assistant, I will be sure to remember what I had to endure whilst I was working in retail when out shopping.  

I would like to say thank you to everyone I've worked with and met over the part year at Oasis, I have had an amazing time and will never forget the fun and laughs I've had!

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