Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara

For the past few weeks I have been using Rimmel London's 'Wonder'full' mascara and I love it! I am always conscious about trying new mascaras as I'm very specific in what I like. I prefer mascaras that aren't of a thin consistency, and have fibre brushes that are nice and voluminous instead of the thin plastic ones.

This mascara is a godsend! It increases the sizes of your lashes amazingly and lasts the whole day without leaving a weird residue that lingers under your eyes, plus it is really easy to remove! Need I say anymore?!

What I particularly love about this mascara's clump free application. The mascara glides onto your eyelashes and makes them look 10 times longer instantly. I highly recommend this mascara!

The mascara also has another bonus of having Argon Oil in it too which I was a bit sceptical about as I was worried it would cause the mascara to slip right off my lashes and end up on my cheeks but I was completely wrong!

I also love the packaging of this mascara as it is in a bronze tube which makes it appear to be very expensive and luxurious, however it is extremely affordable at only £7.99.

Although the brush isn't a fibre brush it is very full and allows you to separate your lashes preventing them from sticking together which is what I hate! 

I would put this up there as one of my favourite mascaras along with Benefit's 'They're Real' and 'Bad Gal' mascaras, with the added bonus of it being considerably cheaper yet is just as good!

Have you tried this mascara? If so what do you think of it?

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