Travelling Throwback

Today I was looking through my family's box of old pictures when I thought it would be a nice idea to do a photo throwback where I show some of the pictures from the various countries I have been to over the years.

When I was younger we use to go on holiday every Christmas which would really upset me as this would mean I'd miss the snow in England... priorities! 
I love looking back at these pictures because they're so funny and do trigger some memories despite the holidays being from so long ago!

I'm not going to do this in any particular order so first up, Antigua. Antigua was one of the most beautiful holidays I remember. I specifically remember the sea being soooooo blue and the sky being so clear at night that we were able to see every star in the sky.
When we went on this holiday me and my sister reallyreallyreally wanted to get our hair braided and my parents would only let us get the front half of our head done. At the end of each plait we had multi coloured beads which use to click together all the time.
I also remember going on a boat ride where my dad and sister got really sea sick and I played my gameboy the whole time, and I had one of the crew member watching me play over my shoulder.
I also remember a massive bush/tree that looked like a broccoli!

Sorrento, Italy is another holiday we embarked on. Sorrento is really close to Pompeii where we took a trip to and saw all the ancient ruins that Mt Vesuvius destroyed. It was so cool as we were able to see some of the few remains that included a dog that had died from the volcanic eruption and his body was still there for people to see.
I also remember a small antique shop that sold hand crafted jewellery boxes. Myself and my sister brought one each which we still use.
I really liked Sorrento, not only for their endless flavours of ice cream, but because it was just so old and historic with cobbled streets and traditional stone buildings. 

In 2000 we went to Disneyland Orlando, Florida in the USA. I remember me and my sister being so excited the whole time. If I'm honest I'm not one for high and fast rides so I was happy to just hang around with the Disney characters on the ground... I remember my dad took my sister and I on the flying dumbo ride and I cried the whole time because my dad kept making it bounce up and down. 
I also remember going to see Little Mermaid and being soaked by shooting water coming up from the ground, and the Peter Pan ride where you would sit in a boat and it would SLOWLY go through the characters as if you were flying. 
The Dolls World ride was myself and my sisters favourite ride. We must have gone on it for a minimum of 50 times! We queued and queued for this ride where you sit in a boat and travel around a river of singing dolls. 

The final holiday I'm going to share is our trip to Australia. We went for a month travelling form the South to the North along the East coast. Starting at Melbourne, flying to Sydney and then driving all the way up to Port Douglas stopping off a different cities and swimming in the Great Barrier Reef along the way. 
I remember Port Douglas as being my favourite city because they sold a key ring with my name on it, the first and only place I have ever found one!! I also remember our hotel having a swimming pool going all around it.

When in Sydney we went on a boat ride which took us under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and we were able to see the Sydney Opera house as well, it was sooo windy!

We then travelled northwards and when we got to Noosa my dad thought it would be a really good idea to go on a nature walk in the forest and of course we got lost. We only had 3 cans of coke on us and we must have been in the forest for around 3 hours in the baking sun. We were so annoyed and knackered by the time we got out, however we did see dolphins!

We also went on cable cars up to the tropical rain forests in Cairns and we rode electronic robot tigers around. 

When we made it to the Great Barrier Reef we went on a boat trip which took us to the middle of the sea where there was a platform that allowed you to go swimming with the fish. You could go scuba diving or snorkelling but because we were so young we could only go snorkelling. We had to wear bright blue diving suits and bright yellow goggles.

I also held a koala which is a very sensitive subject in my house as my dad claims I was too scared but I did! It may have only been for literally 3 seconds because its claws were sharp and I was scared it was going to poo on me... but i still did it- honest!!

I hope you've enjoying having a look at some old family holiday photos of mine. I love looking back and see how everyone's changed. I think the biggest giveaway of time is how the size of sunglasses gradually got bigger and how my dad's hair slowly started to decrease haha!

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