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Ever since I was a teenager, me and my friends would go out and end up at Ed's Easy Diner in Leicester Square, where we were guaranteed to have a great evening in a vibrant part of London, and eat at a delicious restaurant.

We would end up in Ed's Diner when celebrating someone's birthday or were going out for the evening, so I hadn't been to one of the Ed's Diner restaurants in at least 5 years. When I went back yesterday with my boyfriend, it was just as I remembered with even more choice on the menu. 

We chose to sit outside because it was a lovely warm afternoon in London, and we were in a secluded area behind Oxford Street so we didn't have mass amount of people passing us every second. 
As soon as we sat down we ordered our meal and I chose 'The Classic' hamburger with onions and a side of sweet potato fries... Of course. Kash ordered a nutella and malt milkshake, as well as the 'Chicken Acapulco' Ed's Plate meal. His chicken burger consisted of American melted cheese, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and a red spicy salsa which looked pretty delicious I must admit!

After we ate the meal we moved inside to finish off our drinks where we were surrounded by an old fashioned American style interior, with back and white checkered flooring, red diner chairs and fully functioning old fashioned juke boxes hung on the wall for you to select the songs from. 

The prices are a little on the pricey side, although there is a lot of choice on the menu. From burgers to hot dogs, and a variety of soft drinks, alcohols and milkshakes. They recently began giving loyalty cards out to customers where you can gain points to spend in the restaurant: 10p for ever £1 spent in the diner. You are also able to sign up to their mailing list where you receive birthday treats, half price meals and also sweet deals throughout the year. 

I have been to 3 different Ed's Easy Diner restaurants around London, and I've have a good experience in each one, although I'm not sure where other Ed's Diners are located around the UK. I think there are a few more based in the South of the UK rather than the North.

Out of all the American diners I have been to, Ed's Diner is the most aesthetically pleasing. As soon as you enter the restaurant you feel like you're in a different time period, with chirpy waiters approaching you, traditional furnishings, and a fun loving atmosphere.

If you've been to Ed's Easy Diner, what was your favourite meal and what restaurant did you visit? 

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