Lucky 7 American Diner

On Friday evening for my sister birthday, me and my family went out to eat at an American diner  styled restaurant called 'Lucky 7' in Nottinghill, London. 
We've been to this restaurant a few times and I am always excited to go because they do the best sweet potato fries ever!

The restaurant, like I said, is in Nottinghill which is one of my favourite places in London. There is always a 'cool' vibe around the town with the most beautiful houses in it. Nottinghill is famous for their yearly carnival and also for their markets held throughout the week where you can grab anything from antique furniture to some delicious fruits and veg. 

Inside the restaurant is a typical American diner interior feel. There are booths for customers to sit in and the walls are decorated with American themed memorabilia. They have vintage McDonalds decorations mixed with really interesting political printed pictures. 

We were all so hungry when we got to the diner so we ordered straight away and it was a full feast. We shared some starters of onion rings which turned out to be the size of doughnuts and some tortilla chips with a mixture of salsas and dips. 

Our favourite drink to get from this restaurant are their legit American A&W cream sodas. They are the creamiest and most delicious cream sodas we've ever had and they're really difficult to get hold of in the UK. 

We all ordered burgers and they did not disappoint! They're so juicy and fulfilling, filled with tomatoes, onion, gherkins, lettuce and the beef mince. We also had a side of sweet potato chips which are amazing- no where does them like here!

The dinner was so delicious and filling that no one could manage desert, so we headed back home and on the way back we had a stroll through Nottinghill and checked out the Electric Cinema which I really would love to go to!

Going to American diner restaurants are such a easy and good food guaranteed style restaurant. I think 'Lucky 7', 'Ed's Diner' and 'Five Guys' have to be my top 3 in London. Where are your top American style diners go to go?

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