The Perfect Eyeliner?

I have always loved Benefit make up. If you have read my some of my older blog posts on make up you will know I love Benefits 'They're Real' mascara, therefore when I found out they were making an eyeliner in the same range I was so excited!

For the past week or so, if you trade in an old mascara in Boots, you will receive a mini tester of Benefits new 'They're Real Push-up Liner' which I can't wait to try out. I am always on the look out for a good eyeliner which is a minimal staple makeup look I sometimes go for. When I wear liquid eyeliner I typically go for the winged liner look. 

So far I have had no luck with liquid, gel or pencil liners. I prefer to use the eyeliner felt-tips and I have tried out numerous brands but I still haven't found the perfect one. I am hoping that this tester will be the one, and if so I will deffo be picking a full sized one up!

I love how Benefit are giving out mini samples of their latest product, allowing you to get an idea and get comfortable before committing to buying it. Seeing as Benefit makeup products are generally quite expensive, this is the perfect way to test out their products before splashing the cash!

The mini eyeliner came in a small cardboard package which follows the same style as their 'They're Real' mascara, with an orange and black theme. The reverse of the product shows us what to expect the eyeliner to look like, and on the inside you can see how other women have found the product.

From the reviews I can see that 91% of women said its long wearing, 86% said it hugged their lash line, and 84% said their eyes look visibly larger. From first impressions I predict it will be extremely long lasting if its anything like the mascara. I am also expecting a really great colour and easy application.

To get the mascara going you need to remove the cap and the little orange tab that prevents leaking and loss of product, lightly squeeze the base to push up the gel liner and apply to eye lids.

I love the angle the tip has on the eyeliner as it allows you to easily create a neat and precise winged flick. I found the gel a little hard to drag across the eye lid to create a smooth black line, however in the end I did create a pretty good line.

The product is really comfortable and easy to use, and to be honest I probably just need to get use to using a gel eyeliner which is why I found it quite difficult to get a smooth application across the lid. I wouldn't rush out and purchase this eyeliner because I still prefer the liquid felt-tip liners which are easier to apply, however this is a great alternative if you are a gel liner lover!

Let me know what you think of this eyeliner, did you manage to get a smooth application or was it just me?

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