Wedding Photo Diary 20.09.2014

On Saturday 20th August, my cousin Christopher got married to his now wife Sonia. The wedding was a big one with over 160 guests and a whole lot of faces of which I did not recognise. The wedding had been planned for over a year so we were all getting really excited during the lead up to the big day.
Here are a few snaps of the big day which was such a fun and lively event:

Christopher's sisters rented a Photo Booth for their wedding present and it was such a great idea. The photo booth was at the reception for 3 hours and it was so fun. You had 4 seconds to pose between four different pictures, and the pictures would be printed out automatically afterwards. 

I love the pictures in black and white, they have a more classic feel to them and they look professional too. 
Everyone danced the night away where there was a live band, bongo drummers and DJ that performed one by one though out the night. It was such a special day and it went so quick! 

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