American Apparel Attire

Over the Christmas period my family took a trip over to LA, and whilst they were over there I stayed in the UK to crack on with my university work (the dissertation is upon me!). However, to make sure I didn't miss out on the amazing American Apparel prices, I gave them a list full of items, hoping they'd be able to find and return them to me :)

I've been to LA before, which is why I didn't feel the need to go this time (despite how much I love it there and could really do with some sun), and I remember the prices of American Apparel garments to be much more appealing with the exchange rate. Last time I was over there I picked up two jumpers which I have worn to death, so I know their products are worth the prices. 

The first item on my list was a faux leather skirt aka the 'Vegan Leather Circle Skirt'. I really love the gloss and shape of this skirt. It's not too shiny but has a shine to it which makes it look really elegant and creates a lovely fall.

I also requested some faux leather leggings which will be perfect for those days where you want look like you've made an effort when you haven't really (we all have those days, right?). They're super soft and fit like a glove!

During the winter, one of the easiest ways of keeping warm is dressing up in a turtle neck jumper. I saw this one on the AA website and absolutely fell in love with its shape and colour. It's a lovely light to medium grey, and has a lovely flowing shape. This will look great with both the leather trousers and leather skirt.

The final item is a navy fisherman's jumper. I brought a grey speckled one a few years ago and I wore it to death, so I knew I would love this one and probably do the same.

I can't wait to start wearing these items, these jumpers are so easy to style and are super comfortable! What do you guys think of American Apparel clothing? Are you a lover like me?

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