The Lip Healing Saviour: Elizabeth Arden

For as long as I can remember, whenever I have had chapped lips or suffered from 'lipstick lips' (as some people at school use to refer to my winter chapping as), my mum would always passed over the Elizabeth Arden '8 Hour Cream' as a solution. Its bloody amazing! I never leave my house without it in my bag. It is a God send!

For Christmas my mum brought me a set of Elizabeth Arden products which came in a set of three. The package included the amazing '8 Hour Cream' which, as I mentioned, is the best lip healing product ever (!). Secondly, an 'Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment', and finally a 'Lip Protectant Stick'.

'So what makes this 8 Hour Cream so special' I hear you ask... Well aside from its potent yet natural scent which is slightly on the strange side, it literally starts working as soon as you apply to your lips. If like me, in the Winter you are prone to sore lips, it's the perfect remedy. You apply as often and as necessary and within a few hours you are actually able to smile again without the fear of cracking your lips haha! The reverse of the tube also states that the cream can be applied to shape eyebrows,  protect burns, and soothe hands from any rough areas around your nails or cuticles.

The hand moisturiser has a weaker smell, yet still smells like good old Elizabeth Arden. It leaves you with silky soft hands without the oily residue, which is the last thing you want to be dealing with!

Somewhere I still have one of the original '8 Hour Creams' that I didn't manage to finish before I brought a new one. I love the idea of a lip stick style applicator for the '8 Hour Cream' as it will save me space in my bag and make application easier.

A tip I have for you lipstick wearing ladies: if any lipsticks you own tend to dry out your lips and remove any moisture you once had, apply this after you get out of the shower, giving it some time to sink into your lips, and then add the lipstick. The lipstick will not chap and will continue to look silky smooth. 

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