Boho Chic at Zara

As i'm so busy with uni work at the moment, sadly, I rarely get the chance to go shopping. Despite this, I do find the time to do a cheeky bit of online browsing ;) 
The other day I found myself on Zara's website and I ended up buying a few pieces which all seem to have a very boho chic theme running through them, so I thought I'd share them to give a taste of what they've got in stores at the moment. 

The first item to go in my basket was this mosaic print jumper which I love. It's light yet super cosy, and also an easy piece to style. I can see myself teaming this up with some black jeans or a leather skirt. 

The second is this floral red dress and its not something I would usually go for. The length of the dress finishes just above the knee at the front, but the hem is a little lower at the back which I really like. The colour and pattern is perfect for Spring and Summer! 

The third item is a white semi-cropped jumper. I have been searching for a new white jumper since my last one was ruined when I splattered curry sauce onto it whilst trying to open the jar (lesson learnt!). I think the eye lashes are a really cute and playful addition to the garment. 

Next up is a playsuit. It's the first playsuit I've found that actually fits me in the body. Because I'm quite tall it's a nightmare to find playsuits or jumpsuits that do not give me a camel toe. Therefore I'm so pleased with this one. The pattern is lovely and I've fallen for the cut-out bow back!

The last garment is a navy jumper dress. What I really like about this dress are the plaits found along the shoulder seams. They add that 'something different' to an otherwise plain item. I also like the neckline which is slightly higher than a regular round neck. 

Zara isn't somewhere I shop regularly, however they are a great place to shop if you like simply shaped garments. They also do a wide variety of garment ranges from boho chic to smart workwear. The only annoying aspect is the speed of their product turnover, if you see an item in store one day, it'll sure to be gone by next week, so snap it up quick!

Overall I'm really pleased with the bits I picked up from Zara, although I'm a little unsure about the floral red dress because of its long sleeves and V shaped neckline. Let me know what you think of it in the comments, maybe it'll look better with a different hairstyle or a jacket?

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