Our Valentines 2015

This is SUCH an overdue blog post *facepalm*... I have been so ridiculously busy with university work that I have had very little time to write up blog posts and keep 'allhungup' up to date! It's so frustrating! 
I have so many blog post drafts and ideas but they are just getting pushed further and further back :( Hence why this one starts with 'last week' when really it was 3 weeks ago... If anyone has any tips on how they manage their time between university work and keeping on top of their blog, please let me know down in the comments, I would to hear how you make it work! x

So here we go... 

Last week for valentines, myself and Kash took a trip to Chester Zoo. We'd planned to go for the past few months, however the weekend of Valentines happened to be a weekend we were both free and the weather was a little warmer. We were really lucky with the weather as it didn't rain the whole day so it was likely that all the animals would be out.

As it was the weekend it was pretty busy, but that was to be expected. We got there for 2pm and the park closed at 4:30, so it gave us plenty of time to peruse around.

Out of all the animals I was most excited to see the elephants and giraffes, and Kash the rhinos and monkeys. Here are our photos from the day...

 how amazing do these flamingos look!

To complete the whole journey around the zoo at a comfortable pace, I would recommend giving yourself a whole day there. By the time it was 4pm we still hadn't seen a lot of the animals, so we were rushing during the last half an hour. 

To finish off the evening we went for a delicious pizza. I am a really big pizza lover, therefore we especially planned to go for a Pizza Hut. As always, it was delightful and worth the wait!

mmm pizzaaaa

I enjoyed myself so much and I highly recommend visiting Chester Zoo, there is a really great range of animals and plenty to do! 
I hope you've enjoyed this sneak preview of our Valentines day, did you guys do anything nice for the day?

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