Sea Side Vibes in the City

Jo Malone has always been popular in my household. My mum loves their candles and perfumes, and my sister has followed suit. Where as I never really saw the 'buzz', it was all a little too 'luxury' for me I guess... It wasn't until Jo Malone released their fragrance 'Wood Sage and Sea Salt' that I got it!

The smell of this perfume just sums up 'British Sea Side' for me. It's fresh and different. Something I wouldn't nessecariliy look for in a perfume, but somehow has won me over. I like that the scent isn't floral or too strong, it's definitely one of their younger and more diverse perfumes.

Overall, the perfume isn't not too overpowering and its easy to wear for any occasion. I think it's a great spring and autunm fragrance as it's a great reminder of what summer is and was all about. 

Another element of the product that I love is its simple yet elegant packaging. I feel the need to hold it lightly in my fingertips so I don't get my grubby finger prints all over it. I also get so much satisfaction from taking the metal lid off and gliding it back on. 

The only downside to the fragrance is its lack of staying power on the body. The scent seems to disappear sooner than perfered, however when you spray it, gorgeous!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Jo Malone fragrances are? And if you haven't tried any before, what do you think of the brand?

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