Truly Lash Sensational!

Oh my lawddd, Maybelline's 'Lash Sensational' mascara is amazing!

The wand 

The consistency 

The application 
Tick tick tick tick tick!!

When in search for a new mascara the wand and product consistency are the two main elements that are most important to me. I like a small/medium sized brush with a medium consistency, and by that I mean I do not want it to be thin enough so it goes all over my eye lids when I blink, and I do not want it to clump up after two coats... I cannot stress enough that the consistency of this mascara is perfect (for me anyway...).

My eyelashes without mascara
My eyelashes with Maybelline's 'Lash Sensational Mascara'
Additionally, the product is super easy to remove from your eyelashes too! It's not one of those annoying mascaras which lingers around your eyes, of which you need to scrub and chase around your eyes endlessly to remove. With a little moisture, this product is easy to remove and pretty much hassle free.

Maybelline mascara on left eye vs no mascara on right eye
The brush is really cool and unusual too. It is curved and has plastic bristles. At first I didn't think this feature would benefit me at all, but I have noticed more curvature than normal. As I glide the brush against my lashes, they elongate and have a slight curve which is a bonus-goodbye eyelash curlers!

Overall I think this mascara was a great choice for me. It's super inexpensive and great value for money. I picked this one up in Morrisons (how random I know), and it was only £7.99. 

By the looks of it I'm not the only one that loves it too. I have read many blog posts reiterating the shared love for this mascara so get out there and give it a go!


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