My Trainers of the Year

As I have explained many times on this blog, trainers are my favourite style of shoe. They are so easy and comfortable I just don't see why anyone would dislike wearing them. 

One style of shoe that I have had my eye on for literally years are the Nike Air Force 1's. I absolutely love 'em! They're chunky, clean and simple- ticking all the boxes for me. 
For a while I had been contemplating buying them, however what finally did it for me was the handing in of my dissertation. I decided to reward myself and I haven't looked back since!

Aren't they lovely! Have a look for yourself... 

One thing I was worried about was how big they would make my feet look. I am a size 6 which I do not think is a big shoe size, but as the shoes is quite chunky I was a bit hesitant. Instead, I think they look super cute and make my feet look smaller!

They come in both black and white, and for a while I had my heart set on the white. It wasn't until my boyfriend brought them in black that I changed my mind (don't worry we won't be going out in matching trainers haha!). I like the black because they're more suited to my wardrobe and won't get so dirty. 

For a while these trainers were really difficult to get hold of in a size 6, so I think they're quite popular. What do you guys think of them? Are you a trainer person or would you rather go for heels?

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