A few months ago I went into Lush in Westfields to pick up a couple of bath products. I don't usually use lush bath bombs but I was going through a phase where I wanted to experiment with a few. Unfortunately it has take until June for me to actually use the bath bombs because my spare time has been limited over the last few months. 

I brought four lovely bath bombs which all vary in colour and size, yet are all equally amazing!

The first one I bathed in is called 'Blackberry Bath Bomb' which smelt delicious! The ingredients aim to relive your body from tensions and depression, with the scent of berries this is definitely the case.  My body felt so silky smooth once I got out of the bath, preventing my skin from screaming out for moisturiser.
I also love how simple yet effective the appearance of the bath bomb is. The water turns a gorgeous sea blue and is the perfect relaxer after a long day. Plus, there is a small surprise inside it!

'Twilight' is the next bath bomb I used and it was SO much fun! The swirling colours and tones that were spread into the bath were so mesmerising. The combination of pinks, blues and purples reminded me of marshmallows, of which I would highly recommend if you're looking for an exciting bath bomb! The water started off pink and as it slowly started to released blue colouring into the water it ended up purple. 
Again, the milky bath bomb left my skin lovely and soft, and the lavender scent had me ready for a good nights sleep.

The next bath bomb I tried out was called 'Honey Bee'. Now, when I say this smells delicious, I mean it smells amazing! The honey scent is so addictive and the grey stripe running through the contrasting yellow is so appealing to me. Once you put the bath bomb in the bath the smell isn't so poinient, but sometimes I prefer this as it is not too overwhelming. This bath bomb turned my water a bright yellow and had me instantly relaxed.
The Lush website says the bath bomb can be used as an antiseptic type of product as it aims to cleanse and revive the skin, of which I totally agree! This is definitely a product to try- so soothing!

My final bath bomb is called 'Secret Garden'. This bath bomb may be small but don't let that fool you as it is full of surprises.  It was completely different from what I was expecting. The bath bomb smelt floral yet not too overwhelming. Elements of rose came through and was very relaxing.
The biggest surprise for me was the colour the bath bomb made the bath water. The water started off green which then turned into a brown, and then into a darker green. It reminded me of 'Wicked'. Once the bath bomb got going, pieces of flower petals started to release for the centre which I thought was a lovely touch.

Lush products are so much fun. The company has such great ethics and their stores are always full of surprises! As I am new to the whole bath bomb game, I was sceptical about the products staining the bath. However all my worries have now passed as none of these products have effected my bath tub. Unfortunately my new flat hasn't got a bath tub, so I'm going to wait until I'm next home in London before I can try some new ones. Maybe next time I pop into a store I'll try out their shower gels and let you know how get on with those.

What bath bombs or shower gels you've experimented with? I'd love to read your reviews! 

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