Life Update

So its been a while... I last posted on the 1st of June *slaps forehead*. Over the last two months so much as happened, from the ending of one era to the start of a new. My busy life has left me pushing my blog to the side.  

In a nut shell, this is whats been going on in the last 2 months or so:

1. Studying and completing my university exams
2. Going to the grad ball
3. Finding a job
4. Searching and moving into a new flat in manchester
5. Starting an exciting and amazing new job at Miss Guided as a Buyers Administration Assistant (!)
6. Turning 22 years of age
7. Finding out that I'm going to graduate with a 2:1
8. Turning into a cyclist

and finally...

9. I'm graduating on Tuesday!

Life has been just so hectic and crazy that I haven't had a spare moment to just chill out sit down and write a blog post. 

As my schedule has now calmed down and I am settled into my new flat, I am hoping to update my  blog once or twice every week by getting my blogging cap on during the weekends. 
I have a backlog of blog posts waiting to share, however they are just lacking photos so as soon as I get those sorted hopefully we will have a nice smooth flow :)

See you in the next post!

P.s. I have been keeping my Instagram account going whilst I've been slacking on the blog posts... Feel free to have a gander at @allhungupblog x

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