Pastel Casual

Pastel casual 👖

What I love the most about this look is the easiness of it. The oversized shirt, the frayed jeans, the Puma trainers... I could wear this style of outfit everyday!

I have chosen to layer a delicate nude bralet beneath a basic, casual oversized shirt. I have complimented the colour of the nude bralet with a pastel denim shirt, which creates a very UK summer appropriate outfit.

I love a good pair of frayed hem jeans as they enable you to show off your shoes and add a nice detail and alternative to typically rolling your jeans up. 

To top off the look I have added a tonal choker and a pair of round gold frame RayBan sunnies which are a wardrobe staple of mine!

What do you think of this easy-going out fit? How would you alter it to suit your style? x

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