July 2016 Wish List

As a buyers admin assistant, I am browsing websites of various brands to gain inspiration on a daily basis. Whilst creating comp shops, I have noticed a few key items that I wouldn't mind hanging in my wardrobe this month. I thought I'd do a quick wish list of my top 5 items...

1. An autumnal embroidered skirt from Zara - <3 this!

2. Topshop's oversized denim dress, such an easy piece to wear throughout the year

3. An [extremely out of my budget] cocoon coat. A few years back H&M had a coat similar to this in their stores, I didn't buy it and I've regretted it ever since!

4. Missguided's silky cowl front cami dress. I've actually just brought this, can't wait for it to arrive!

5. Adidas Gazelles in Nude. This colour is just perfect for trans between "Summer" & Autumn. They'll look great with some ripped jeans or a denim dress ;)

Let me know what you're looking to buy this month. I love seeing other people's wish lists for new styling ideas x

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